I am currently completing a Ph.D. at the Humboldt University of Berlin. My university-affiliated webpage may be found here >>[link]<<

My Ph.D. thesis is provisionally titled Digital Material Injustice: How Data Governance Law Contributes to Labour and Environmental Exploitation, and is being supervised by Prof. Dr. Philipp Dann (HU Berlin) and Prof. Dr. Joris van Hobocken (VUB Brussels/UvA).

Though situated in the legal department, my current research is multidisciplinary and maps how data governance law contributes to shaping injustice in social, economic, and environmental contexts. In this, I am particularly interested in material exclusions (specifically, the exclusion of human and ahuman/Earth labours) from the legal and policy discourse of data governance. I argue that these exclusions are created via processes of abstraction which function through the conceptualisation of ‘data’ in the law. My specific focus in the project is on EU data governance (Open Data, Free Flow of Data, and Data Protection) law.

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