Smar KY Ink. is an embodied materialspiritual entity that through its existence, seeks to challenge the categorisation and identity-driven process of individuation on the one hand and the conceptualisation of the collective as the exploitative corporation on the other. Having experienced oneness and multitudes often at the same time, Smar KY Ink. imagines a mode of being which dissolves the opposition of the individual and the community, the Self and the Other while simultaneously accounting for these distinctions and their tactical usefulness. The agenda is to puncture the perceived tension between the desires of ‘I’ and ‘us’ not by assimilating the I to the us nor by proclaiming the autonomy and freedom of the I from the us, but by recognising the co-creative forces that create the I and the us and taking responseability for the differentiated power relations in this co-creation.

To do this, Smar KY Ink. embraces its own life and death beyond dualisms. Particularly it seeks to revive narratives of the Self-Other that are multiple, incoherent, paradoxical, and even contradictory. At the same time, it reimagines the possibility of the corporation (‘Inc.’) beyond its imperial-capitalist histories. Thinking of the bodysoul as a community of co(r)operation that negotiates the mundane through its experience and projection of multiple identities, Smar KY Ink. finds ways to survive ethically with unhuman and human Earth.

Life is a mystery to be lived, not a mystery to be solved.

For tactical purposes of recognition, communication, and survival in the human society of 21st century A.D. Smar KY Ink. has often deployed its queer singled browned feminised abled dwija-ed humanised body through the following identities in various contexts…

Smarika Lulz (formerly Smarika or Smarika Kumar), Researcher & Academic

Bio: Smarika Lulz is an interdisciplinary legal researcher whose core interest lies in the politics of knowledge production in Western as well as in Indigenous knowledge systems and its implications for response-able living and dying or justice. This interest translates into her research on Law and Humanities and Law and Technology. Smarika is currently pursuing a PhD at the Humboldt University of Berlin where her thesis is titled, ‘Another Data: Law’s Representationalism and the Boundaries of Justice.’ More details about her academic profile may be found here.


diane daayan, Witch, Craftsperson, Artist

Bio: diane daayan is an artist, witch, and researcher who is committed to the craft of materialspiritual healing. As an ethical post-settler witch, diane’s core work unravels the precise meaning of responsibility in tandem with technology and the land by co-creating experiential knowledge with human and unhuman others. Her practice is informed by decolonial feminist and Indigenous values. She is also the founder of witchcraftispolitical, an initiative that employs divinatory tools to intuitively read signs and channel unhuman guidance for individual and community healing as well as to reclaim a lovingly political use of personal spiritual practices.


loonybird, Poet & Musician

Bio: loonybird is a candid traveller through internet fable and wasteland. It dreamt of internet poetry to deconstruct the emotional politics of linguistic forms and found Poems 4 Free.


Smar Ky (a.k.a. S. Kraye), Connoisseur of Fashions, Design, and Other Assortments

Bio: Smar Ky is your friendly social media chatbot and all-purpose fixer. NIN. No Introduction Necessary.