13. loonybird’s Loony Quarantine Battle Pop Party (Berlin, Apr 1-3, 2020) [List] [Invite]

12. Daayan’s Transformer Corona Quarantine Partay (Berlin, Mar 15-22, 2020) [List] [Invite]

11. Dr. O’s March March Edit Party Gone Wild (Delhi/Berlin, Mar 19, 2020) [List] [Pix]

10. loonybird’s Broken Heart Lives in Dilli and Is Split Over Seven Continents Pain Party (Berlin, Feb 25, 2020) [List] [Exhibits a, b, c, d, e, f, g, h, i] [Fuck Sanghis]

9. Smar KY’s Embroideries of RealPeoplePhobia Party (Berlin, Feb 7, 2020) [List] [Invite]

8. loonybird’s Lazy Winter Afternoon Dance Party (Berlin, Jan 22, 2020) [List] [PhotoInvite]

7. loonybird’s ComingToTermsWithBlindingSummerInDarkWinter Pain Party (Berlin, Nov 30-Dec 1, 2019) [List] [Invite]

6. Dr. O’s Dilli Nostalgia Party (Bangalore/Berlin, Nov 11, 2019) [List] [Pix]

5. Smar KY’s Rainy Day in Mid-July Party (Berlin, July 12 2019) [List] [Invite]

4. Diane Daayan’s II The High Priestess x XXIII The Familiar New Foundations Party (Berlin, Jun 15 2019) [List] [Pix]

3. Smar KY’s Springy Springy Mietenwahnsinn Party (Berlin, Apr 06 2019)   [List] [Vid] [Invite]

2. fLm’s It All Keeps Tumbling Down Pain Party (London/Berlin, Mar 17-18 2019) [List] [Pix]

1. Smar KY’s Mera Kaat Kaleja Dilli Meri Jaaaan! Pain Party (Delhi, Feb 10-11 2019) [List] [Invite]